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Lesson 2. Footing the Bill

Florence: I'm alwaysrunning out of food.
Tina: Why don't you pick up someodds and ends at the store?
Florence: BecauseI'm fed up with having to foot the bill. I don't like to throw my money down the drain.
Tina: Have everyone chip in.
Florence: No, just skip it.

run out of (v) hết sạch, dùng hết  finish the supply,use up
pick up (v) chọn, mua obtain,get
oddsand ends (n) miscellaneous items
fed up with (adj) Chán ngấy  disgusted with, had enoughof
foot the bill (v) Chi trả  pay
down the drain (tubes) (adj. or adv)  Lãng phí wasted,lost
chip in (v) Hùn vào  contribute,givejointly
skip (v)  cho qua, bỏ qua  forget,passover