Describe a helpful person at work or at school

2.Describe a helpful person at work or at school


I would like to describe one of my teachers who taught me at high school. She had a great influence on me
and was the person who helped me succeed in my university entrance examination. Her name is Linh and
she taught me English for 3 years of high school and was also my form teacher. She was in her late 40’s
then but looked much younger than her age.

I was really influenced by the way she taught us in class. Her thoroughness in teaching inspired me to study
English, even though I had not been interested in it before. We never felt bored in her classes, she always
told us interesting stories about British and American culture and people, and also organized some games
so that we could learn new vocabulary and grammar effortlessly.

I remember that during the three months before the university entrance exam, which was the most
important exam of my life, she had delivered some free classes for the students who weren’t quite up to
standard, including myself. She patiently guided us through difficult questions and provided many useful
tips to help deal with the test. Thanks to her effective teaching method and great dedication, I was able to
pass the university entrance exam with almost a perfect score in English.

Although I have graduated from high school and now study in Hanoi, I often visit her on the holidays and
tell her about my daily life in the big city and she’s always available to give me some advice about any
problems I have. I am forever grateful to have Mrs. Linh in my life.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. To have a great influence on someone: Có tác động lớn đến ai
2. In one’s late 40’s: Ở độ tuổi gần 50
3. Up to standard: Đạt chuẩn
4. Effective teaching method: Phương pháp giảng dạy hiệu quả
5. Great dedication: Sự cống hiến lớn